A Guide to Health Counseling (14)

Health Counseling 14  A Guide to Health Counseling (14)This failure to comply harms Penelope’s mom, but it also wastes valuable resources, which we all pay for. Ask your doctor, check with your insurance carrier, and consider your family history. Find out what screenings are appropriate for you, and request these tests.

If you’re over the age of 55, for example, and your doctor still hasn’t suggested a mammogram, don’t wait until your next appointment. Ask now. Your life may depend on it. We’ve loaded you up with a lot of information here.

We want you to be aware of the options available. Unfortunately, in today’s health care system, you need to ask questions and lots of them, about counseling, screenings, your options, and everything that concerns you. Use the information contained in this book to assist you in asking the best questions.

Take the opportunity to improve your health, especially through health counseling and screenings. Remember, you’re the quarterback of your health care team. Start calling the best plays for you! Personal Wishes

  • Understand the different counseling standards. Ask your doctor about them if he or she hasn’t asked you.
  • Ask your provider about screening tests appropriate for you.

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